Question 1

Q: I’ve heard a lot about natural cosmetics, but I still don’t understand the concept clearly. Can you explain it in more details?
A: Greetings! To put it simply, natural cosmetic products are entirely made from natural ingredients People have been studying and using plants and herbs to take care of the skin for ages, so there is minimal toxicity potential. Furthermore, in order to be certified as natural cosmetics, the manufacturing process must follow animal protection laws. Therefore, natural products are easily held in higher regard than synthetic or artificial ones in terms of accountability and social responsible manufacture.

Question 2

Q: Currently, there are lots of natural products on the market. I’m wondering about how your products differ from the rest?

A: Products of Natural Rendez-Vous are entirely made from natural ingredients with laboriously-researched formulations from our Research & Development Staff. Each end product must be examined and tested thoroughly before being launched into the market. In addition, we also opt for not using water since it can’t bring benefits to the skin despite being a natural ingredient. However, water is used in many products by a majority of manufacturers who claim their cosmetics to be natural. Meanwhile, freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel is used as a major ingredient in most of our products, excluding oil-based and dry products. Moreover, the species we use is the Aloe Barbanensis which contains the highest concentrated nutrients. Natural Rendez-Vous aims for natural cosmetic products that provide great benefits and befitting protection to consumers. We believe people will see and feel the differences for themselves.

Question 3

Q: My skin is sensitive, so I am seeking some skin care products to soothe the itch, but I also want to avoid skin irritations as well. Maybe natural products are the right ones. However, are they as effective as synthetic ones?
A: Thank you for your inquiry! Most natural skin care products are soothing. But they also cannot beat synthetic ones when it comes to quick effects. Nonetheless, natural skin care products will bring your skin lots of invigorating benefits and make it beautiful in the long term. After using the products properly and continually for a considerable period, you can see the effects apparently.

Question 4

Q: I’m currently using rendez-vous Detofixying Cleansing Bar and it’s been satisfying so far. It helps cleanse the skin, reduce acnes and excessive oil on the face. So I use it days and nights. But recently, my friend told me not to use it during daytime because it would result in easily-tanned skin. Is what my friend said true?

A: Thank you for the question. It is the case for every soap or cleansing bar. Using cosmetics or not, it’s essential that you keep yourself well-covered under the intense sunlight. Another solution we can offer is to apply some sunscreen with at least 15 SPF rating or higher to avoid the risks of getting tanned.

Question 5

Q: A friend has recommended the rendez-vous Duo Make-up Remover to me. She also said that I could just remove the make-up without having to rinse afterwards. Why is that?
A: Greetings! Since the rendez-vous Duo Make-up Remover contains ingredients which nourish and moisturize the facial skin, it is recommended that you don’t rinse your after finishing to remove make-ups. But if you feel uncomfortable or prefer to sleep with a bare face, you can use rendez-vous Gentle Cleansing Foam to clean up.

Question 6

Q: As far as I know, both AZIAL and rendez-vous are about natural cosmetics. So are there any significant differences between the two brands?

A: Greetings! AZIAL has a full range of skin care, body care, hair care products and home scents such as scented candles, incense cones, scented pouches, essential oil blends … while rendez-vous specializes in professional skin and facial care products, plus body care products such as body lotions with a high concentrate of Aloe Vera.